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PR 600 Mobile Fall
Protection System For Flat Roofs
Arrest Anchoring
System designed for
use on flat roofs. The
PR 600 clamps onto
any three or four wheel
utility roof cart. Thus
allowing the PR 600 to
be moved along the
roof by pulling the cart
to the desired working
location, adjusting
ballast weight, which sets the system in place, providing a fall safe working area. The PR 600 meets O.S.H.A. compliance 1926.502D
PR 2000 Safety Work Platform
For Steep Slope Roofing
The PR 2000 Work
Platform is a platform
that suspends from the
roof and replaces any
conventional scaffolding
for roofing work, only
weighs 22 lbs. per
bracket and allows the
installation of soffit,
fascia, gutters or
cornice work. The PR
2000 provides a safe
working platform that
provides a waist high starting level, staging that prevents debris from falling to the ground. Tear-off is quicker and clean up time is considerably reduced. The PR 2000 provides a strong base for the feet of a ladder while working up the courses of a roof.
The PR 2000 Safety Work Platform permits the roofer to concentrate on the productive aspects of roofing, resulting in a project with better quality and greater customer satisfaction, meeting and exceeding the requirements of Federal O.S.H.A. & Canadian W.C.B.

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