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Hoist Counterweights
• concrete filled
• galvanized steel encased
• pre-punched for positive nesting • approx. weight 55 lbs.
• empty counterweight casing • ideal for shipping
• customer can fill later
• all steel
• thin design
• will not shatter or break
like concrete
• approx. weight 55 lbs.
Trolley Track Hoist
Heavy duty design with 9 HP Honda engine power unit for TT 1000.
Height adjustment on front and rear legs.
Superior band brake system including aluminum brake drum with steel ring and non-asbestos brake pad.
Equipped with heavy duty flanged self locking bearings for longer machine life.
Power unit controlled by two levers with safety ratchet and pawl to prevent load from accidental lowering during operation.
Easily assembles on the roof in minutes with self locking pins.
Available in heavy duty TT 1000 lbs. version or TT 400 lbs. for smaller requirements.
Also available: hydraulic power pack and ground mount power pack.
Hand Swing Hoist
• light weight and is easy to transport and assemble
• swing boom can be assembled to swing left or right
• self locking latch that locks and holds the boom in position during operation
• equipped with heavy duty oil-impregnated bronze bearings for smooth operation
• 300 lbs. capacity
“A” Frame Hand Hoist
• the most economical option for small job hoisting requirements
• light weight and easy to transport and set up
• 300 lbs. capacity

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