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                                     46 SHEET METAL PRODUCTS
   Dryer Jack Roof Vent
For Flat Roofs
• Flapper closure deters bird and rodent entry
• Collar and curved damper maximize airflow
• Water-tight collar doubles weather protection
• Access door accommodates cleaning tools
• Built in curb mount
Exhaust Vent
When you need room to accommodate heavy snowfall, the extra clearance DryerJack 486 provides more clearance above the roof . Comes in Brown, Black and Galvalume .
• Flapper Closure Deters Bird and Rodent Entry
• Collar and Curved Damper Maximize Airflow
• Water-tight Collar Doubles Weather Protection
   Flexible Insulated Ducting
Flexible insulated duct can be installed in place of galvanized pipe in most applications . 4” x 25 ft and 6” x 25 ft .

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