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                                     SHEET METAL PRODUCTS/VENT STACK FLASHINGS 47
SPAR-Marathon Vent Stack Flashings are used to ensure a waterproof seal between the roof membrane and the vent stack pipe . They are recognized as good insurance on roofs prone to large degrees of movement of the roof deck .
Stack Base and Cap
• spunfromonepieceofheavygauge aluminum without welded seams that might leak
• simpleandeasytoinstall
• telescopingactionofventstack
caps allows for roof deck movement
• capcanfit3”or4”pipe
• hubwillaccommodateinsulationfor
prevention of condensating moisture on inner pipe
• wideflashingflangepromoteseaseofinstallationandgreateradhesionarea
• stackwillaccommodateamaximum16”(407mm)andminimum9”(282mm)
existing pipe height
Non-insulated Stack Breather
• canbeusedasastackflashingorbreather
• vandalproof–noremovableparts
• spunfromonepieceheavygaugealuminum
(no seams to leak)
• 1”perforatedholesformaximumairflow
• willaccommodateupto6”diameterpipe
Insulated Stack Breather
• samedesignasnon-insulatedstackbreather
• includesinsulationforpreventionof
• willaccommodateupto4-1/2”
diameter pipe

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